Pharmacological organisms rare disease science exhibition hall started in Wuxi

Pharmacological organisms rare disease science exhibition hall started in Wuxi

(Summary description)On February 27, on the occasion of the twelfth international rare disease day, Yaoming Bio held the launching ceremony of the rare disease science exhibition hall at the Wuxi production base.

Dr. Enrique Diloné, Senior Vice President of Technical Operations, Amicus, Mr. Jason Cameron, Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Cooperative Production of Amicus, Dr. Feng Qiang, Director of Production Technology, Beihai Kangcheng, Ms. Li Dan, Director of Strategic Planning and Product Portfolio Management, Beihai Kangcheng, Development of Rare Diseases in China Ms. Chen Yanli, Head of Center Operations, Ms. Sun Hanzhi, Representative of Pombay's Association of Wuxi, Dr. Chen Zhisheng, CEO of Yaoming Bio, and Mr. Dong Jian, Senior Vice President of Global Production of Yaoming Bio, and the project of Wuming Biological Rare Diseases Group representatives attended the launching ceremony together.


On February 27, on the occasion of the twelfth international rare disease day, Yaoming Bio held the launching ceremony of the rare disease science exhibition hall at the Wuxi production base.

Dr. Enrique Diloné, Senior Vice President of Technical Operations, Amicus, Mr. Jason Cameron, Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Cooperative Production of Amicus, Dr. Feng Qiang, Director of Production Technology, Beihai Kangcheng, Ms. Li Dan, Director of Strategic Planning and Product Portfolio Management, Beihai Kangcheng, Development of Rare Diseases in China Ms. Chen Yanli, Head of Center Operations, Ms. Sun Hanzhi, Representative of Pombay's Association of Wuxi, Dr. Chen Zhisheng, CEO of Yaoming Bio, and Mr. Dong Jian, Senior Vice President of Global Production of Yaoming Bio, and the project of Wuming Biological Rare Diseases Group representatives attended the launching ceremony together.


Ribbon-cutting ceremony scene (from left: Ms. Li Dan, Dr. Feng Qiang, Dr. Chen Zhisheng, Ms. Sun Hanzhi, Ms. Chen Yanli, Dr. Enrique Diloné, Mr. Jason Cameron, Mr. Dong Jian)

At the event, Ms. Sun Hanzhi said that according to the incidence of Pompe's disease and the population of China, there are about 32,500 patients with Pompe's disease in China, but only 100 patients are actually known. On the one hand, it is due to the rare condition of the disease, and the diagnosis is difficult. On the other hand, the patient who has been diagnosed is unable to bear the high drug price, and can only hope that the "drug" will sigh.

The basic actions that ordinary people are used to walking, picking up, climbing stairs, etc. are extremely difficult for patients with Pompe disease. "I can't remember the feeling of running and even picking up." The difficult situation and personal experience of Pompe's patients shared by Sun Hanzhi deeply touched every guest present, and many people burst into tears. "Some patients have left with regret, and we are still waiting with hope."

As the world's leading open biopharmaceutical technology platform company, Yaoming Bio has established an indissoluble bond with orphan drugs since its inception, and has enabled many global innovative biotechnology companies including Amicus and Beihai Kangcheng to accelerate orphans. The drug is marketed for the benefit of patients with rare diseases worldwide.

In order to better popularize the knowledge of rare diseases and orphan drugs, Yaoming Bio has innovatively launched the rare disease science exhibition hall in the company. The production building where the exhibition hall is located has produced many drugs for the lives of rare patients.

"We hope to use the establishment of the rare disease science exhibition hall to encourage all colleagues of Pharmacy to always remember that our work is ultimately to serve patients. The highest international quality standards we adhere to are ultimately to make these rare patients who struggle with destiny have a longer life. More quality life and a better life.” Dr. Chen Zhisheng said at the event site that “Yuanming Bio will continue to fulfill the mission of the company to accelerate and change the global biopharmaceutical development and production process for the benefit of the global patients.”