The 7th "Harmony Cup" Table Tennis Competition of Wuxi Biomedical R&D Service Outsourcing Zone ended successfully

In order to enrich the spare time of employees in the park, enhance the physique of employees, and cultivate the spirit of solidarity and cooperation of employees, the Binhu District Biomedical Industry Trade Union, Wuxi Biomedical R&D Service Outsourcing District Party Committee, Trade Union Confederation, and Youth League Committee The 3rd "Harmony Cup" table tennis competition of the 3rd Medical Industry Trade Union and Wuxi Biomedical R&D Service Outsourcing Zone was officially opened on May 23rd at the Staff Activity Center of the Park.

Mashan Biomedical Park won another provincial award

Recently, it was learned from the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security that Wuxi Biomedical R&D Service Outsourcing Zone was rated as “Jiangsu Excellent Labor Relations Harmonious Industrial Park” and Wuxi Yaoming Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was awarded “Excellent Labor Relations in Jiangsu Province”. "Harmonious enterprise", this honor also fully demonstrates that the park has achieved good results in a series of efforts to build a harmonious labor relationship in recent years around the "talent-oriented" strategy.

Mashan Biomedical Park Happy Qingyuan Festival

February 19, 2019 is the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival. The Party Committee of Mashan Biomedical Outsourcing Zone has created a happy and peaceful Lantern Festival traditional festival atmosphere in the second phase of the North Shore Cafe of the Outsourcing Zone. It invited the new class representatives and party workers in the park to hold a “Yuan Lan Festival”. The acquaintances are all related to the theme of the festival, which further enriches the cultural life of the employees of the park, inherits the fine traditions and promotes the social customs.

Wuxi Biomedical R&D Service Outsourcing District Trade Union won the honorary title of “Model Worker's Home” at the provincial level

In April 2018, the Wuxi Biomedical R&D Service Outsourcing Zone Trade Union was awarded the honorary title of “Model Workers' Home” by the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions. In recent years, the trade unions in the outsourcing areas have created a model worker's home as a link, giving full play to the bridge role of trade union organizations, earnestly safeguarding the interests of employees, enhancing the cohesiveness of the workforce, and achieving good results. The honorary title of “Model Workers' Home” is affirmation and encouragement for the work of trade unions in outsourcing areas.
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