The 7th "Harmony Cup" Table Tennis Competition of Wuxi Biomedical R&D Service Outsourcing Zone ended successfully

In order to enrich the spare time of employees in the park, enhance the physique of employees, and cultivate the spirit of solidarity and cooperation of employees, the Binhu District Biomedical Industry Trade Union, Wuxi Biomedical R&D Service Outsourcing District Party Committee, Trade Union Confederation, and Youth League Committee The 3rd "Harmony Cup" table tennis competition of the 3rd Medical Industry Trade Union and Wuxi Biomedical R&D Service Outsourcing Zone was officially opened on May 23rd at the Staff Activity Center of the Park.

The construction of Yaoming Biological Life Science Park started

Wuxi Daily Wuxi Observation Wuxi New Media Wuxi WuXi PharmaTech Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which was registered in Wuxi eight years ago, announced today that the first phase of the Yaoming Biological Life Science and Technology Park in Mashan was officially launched.

Boya Holding Group goes abroad to build overseas precision medical clinical research center

On May 4th, Boya Holding Group and Japan Fujita Health and Health University held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony at the headquarters of Wuxi Boya Holding Group in China. Xu Zhongyuan, deputy director of Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau, Shi Songzhe, deputy director of the Bureau of Commerce, deputy director of the Health Planning Commission, Han Xiaofeng, dean of the Medical College of Jiangnan University, Ji Tingliang, deputy director of the Taihu National Tourism Resort Management Committee, and Wuxi major media attended the event. Second signing ceremony. Dr. Hoshinaga, President of Fujita Health and Medical University, Dr. Iwata, President of Fujita Health and Medical University Hospital, Dr. Xu Xiaotong, Chairman of Boya Holding Group, and Wang Mo, Vice President, signed the contract on behalf of both parties.

Pharmacological organisms rare disease science exhibition hall started in Wuxi

On February 27, on the occasion of the twelfth international rare disease day, Yaoming Bio held the launching ceremony of the rare disease science exhibition hall at the Wuxi production base. Dr. Enrique Diloné, Senior Vice President of Technical Operations, Amicus, Mr. Jason Cameron, Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Cooperative Production of Amicus, Dr. Feng Qiang, Director of Production Technology, Beihai Kangcheng, Ms. Li Dan, Director of Strategic Planning and Product Portfolio Management, Beihai Kangcheng, Development of Rare Diseases in China Ms. Chen Yanli, Head of Center Operations, Ms. Sun Hanzhi, Representative of Pombay's Association of Wuxi, Dr. Chen Zhisheng, CEO of Yaoming Bio, and Mr. Dong Jian, Senior Vice President of Global Production of Yaoming Bio, and the project of Wuming Biological Rare Diseases Group representatives attended the launching ceremony together.

Mashan Biomedical Park won another provincial award

Recently, it was learned from the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security that Wuxi Biomedical R&D Service Outsourcing Zone was rated as “Jiangsu Excellent Labor Relations Harmonious Industrial Park” and Wuxi Yaoming Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was awarded “Excellent Labor Relations in Jiangsu Province”. "Harmonious enterprise", this honor also fully demonstrates that the park has achieved good results in a series of efforts to build a harmonious labor relationship in recent years around the "talent-oriented" strategy.
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