Public service platform management center

By way of cooperation between government and professional company, mainly funded by the government focused on inspection and testing equipment, external paid services, professional firms carry out routine maintenance specialist, to ensure that equipment to maintain excellent performance.

Expert Consultation Center

Academicians and experts as consultants to the main body responsible for the formation of a professional platform parks, business incubators settled screening, selection of service outsourcing leading enterprises and major decisions parks provide positive suggestions.

Wuxi City Productivity Promotion Center Mashan Biomedical Center

Strengthen the protection of knowledge products in outsourcing parks, and actively provide information consulting services for service outsourcing enterprises in convenient, fast and professional knowledge product declaration, rights protection, management and application.

Administrative Service Center

Establish a merchant service hall and an administrative examination and approval hall to establish and implement a three-stop service system of “before, during, and after production”. In the process of project introduction, from the negotiation, demonstration, approval, land acquisition, construction, employee recruitment, research and development operations, marketing and even research and development personnel life and other aspects of the entire process of "zero distance" quality service.

Investment and financing management center

Responsible for the investment and financing of the outsourcing area, set up a venture capital company or establish a venture capital fund to assist the settled enterprises in financing.