Wuxi Bio-PARK has a development area of 300,000 square meters. It has a research and development incubator laboratory building group, a biomedical international training center, a 530 business clubhouse, a commercial and living complex supporting apartment building complex, an administrative service complex building, an international conference center, etc. Professional carrier.

The second phase of a standard section of 108 acres, built a professional carrier of 100,000 square meters, the spatial layout of the large ecological landscape within the lake as the core, focusing on the construction of three functional blocks: First, the development of incubation experimental building group, the main construction of biomedical experimental incubation unit , professional clean room, GMP-compliant pilot test platform, etc.; second, the iconic welcome building complex such as Biomedical International Training Center; third, comprehensive commercial and residential apartment complex, professional and student apartment buildings, etc. facility. The internal structure is based on the principle of economy and practicability to meet the requirements of the settled enterprises.