Held the Taihu (Mashan) Life and Health Forum - 2018 biomedical and financial innovation. Wuxi WuXi PharmaTech New Drug Development Co., Ltd. A shares listed.

Yaoming Biology is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The US FDA completed the pre-approval inspection of the Pharmacological BCI stock solution and the sterile preparation base.

In August 2016, Wuxi Beidi Bioengineering Co., Ltd. was listed on the New Third Board.

WuXi PharmaTech started construction of the world's largest disposable bioreactor animal cell culture production base. Academician Fu Xiaobing and Brady Biology set up an international regenerative medicine achievement transformation center to establish a workstation for Fu Xiaobing.

The International Stem Cell Joint Research Center has passed the international AABB certification. The National Testing Center for Biological New Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has settled. Wuxi Yaoming Biological has built China's first cGMP biological research and development production base.

Wuxi WuXi PharmaTech Biotechnology Co., Ltd. settled in Mashan. Wuxi Ao Rui Dongyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. settled in Mashan. In one fell swoop, we selected the top ten provincial and ministerial-level brands such as the National Life Science Park International Science and Technology Cooperation Base. The number of enterprises in the park has exceeded 100.

The International Stem Cell Joint Research Center was established with the China-UK Roslin Institute, and Professor Ian Wilmut, the father of the cloned sheep, was appointed as the director.

Wuxi Biomedical R&D Service Outsourcing Zone was approved and established (2007). It was opened in 2008 and became the first provincial-level industrial park in Wuxi.

“East China Medicine Valley” has risen in Mashan and has become the most concentrated biomedical park.

Welcomed the first global top 100 company - Pfizer. The leading domestic health care product company, Jiante Pharmaceutical, settled down.

The first joint venture between China and Sweden, the largest production base for parenteral and external nutrition in the Asia-Pacific region, and the first enterprise in China that has passed the EU GMP certification, as long as the company is located in Mashan.